♥ Poem by Nettan ♥

(Den här dikten skrev jag inte utifrån en verklig händelse.)

I hurt myself by hurting you.
I wish I could change your mind.
That you would find your way back to me.
Without you I do not think I can live.
I feel emptiness without you in my life.
I want to be with you and to not stand alone.
I've been trying to move on
but I cannot seem to leave the love behind me.
Every song reminds me of what used to be
when you were in my life.
No matter what I do, you are always on my mind.
I just want to tell you again how sorry I am.
I never meant to let you down or hurt you in any way.
Please come back to me and stay forever.

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2010-12-28 @ 19:24:20
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